Plaka Beach - Blue Harmony Apartments in Naxos, Plaka
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Plaka Beach

Further on from the beach at Agia (Saint) Anna is Plaka, a sandy beach several kilometers long.  It is well protected from the northern winds and nature has endowed them with beautiful sands and clear waters. They have brought international fame to the area and are considered to be an ideal choice for swimming, sunbathing and summer sports.

Blue Harmony Apartments are located 120 meters away from the popular beach of Plaka, in the south-western side of Naxos, between Agia (Saint) Anna and Mikri (Small) Vigla.

You can develop a variety of activities that suit you and attract you. The following destinations are easily accessible from the Blue Harmony Apartments:

Beach: 120 m.

Bus stop: 150 m.

Mini market: 150 m.

Restaurants: 300 m.

Airport: 5 km

Naxos Town: 8 km

Naxos Hiking:

Water sports Center: 1km,

Horse riding Center: 3 km,

Flisvos Sport Club: 3 km,

Blue Fin Divers Scuba Diving: 3 km,

Aqua Fun Park: 4 km,

Tennis Club: 7 km,